There once existed a flourishing Egyptian civilisation in a region characterized by hot and dusty desert.

Cleopatra, a clever and lovely female pharaoh, guided Egypt to its position of preeminence over other kingdoms throughout her reign as Egypt’s final female pharaoh. Cleopatra was Egypt’s last female pharaoh. Our Secrets of Cleopatra slot game review will help you get to know Queen Cleopatra better. This is a modern 3 reel 4 row video slot game that is easy to play and offers the biggest payoff of 100,000 times in one eye. Play the Secrets of Cleopatra slot game today to get a taste of the ancient Egyptian civilisation as well as the opportunity to win enormous extra payouts that are concealed among the game’s symbols.

Playing for real money is an option for the major prize symbols in Secrets of Cleopatra.

The slot machine game Secret of Cleopatra features a total of ten different primary reward symbols, each of which offers a progressive level of prizes. The following description includes specifics about each symbol.

Cleopatra symbol provides a potential return on investment of up to 5 times the initial investment.

a payment rate of up to four times is associated with the hawk symbol.

eye symbol Up to three times the standard rate of payment

cross symbol Up to three times the standard rate of payment

The payoff rate for the letter A symbol is a maximum of two times the wager.

There is a maximum payout of two times for using the letter K symbol.

The letter Q symbol offers the highest possible reward, which is two times the wager.

There is a maximum payment of one coin when using the letter J symbol.

The sign of the number 10 has the greatest payment rate, which is one hundred times.

The payout rate for the number 9 symbol is the highest possible at 1 times.

In addition to the icon depicting the reward for the game In addition, there are stone pyramid symbols that do not result in any payouts. It will be a sign that is placed between each reward symbol so that it will be more difficult to win prizes than it would otherwise be.

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Playing the Cleopatra Slot Game with Special Symbols

Both forms of the game’s special symbols will be available in the Secret of Cleopatra slot game. These symbols will be able to assist with the game’s unique features. The following is an explanation of the details of each unique symbol.

Wild symbol

This game has a golden pyramid that serves as its Wild Symbol. It is denoted by the term WILD, and it possesses the power to sub in for any other sort of reward symbol. It is not limited to acting as a replacement for the Scatter sign. In addition to this, several Wild symbols appear consecutively while playing the game. Because of this, the odds of winning with Wild Symbols are significantly increased.

Symbol for scattering

The Revelation of Cleopatra’s Secret The queen’s scepter, which is labeled with the word “SCATTER,” serves as the game’s scatter symbol. This symbol is required in order to trigger the free spins extra feature of the game. If there are three Scatter symbols, the player is awarded ten free spins. If there are more than three Scatter symbols, the player receives two more free spins for each additional Scatter Symbol.

Features Exclusive to the Secret of Cleopatra Game A Free Demo Version of the Secret of Cleopatra Slot Game There are a total of two unique game elements that can be triggered in either the standard or the expert style of gameplay. In addition to elements that serve as unique additional perks for the game. The following paragraphs will go into detail on each function:

Featuring an Infinite Number of Reels

All game variants will have access to the Infinity Reels feature at their disposal. The game will continue to open the next reel to the right for you if there is a win in a row whenever you win any reward on all three reels or receive a Scatter symbol on the third reel. In addition, there will be a unique win multiplier that is increased by one for each subsequent reel. You have the potential to build up this unique win multiplier to a maximum of four times if you win in a row.

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Free Bonus Turns on Offer Function

When three or more scatter symbols appear, the Bonus Free Spins feature will be unlocked and you will receive your bonus. But if it’s arbitrary and you miss it… There is an immediate forfeiture of all free spins. You also have the option of beginning play in the bonus mode. When playing in the bonus mode, there will be a greater chance of winning with Wild Symbols than in the standard mode. In addition, if there is a prize of any kind, there will also be an accumulation of multiplier awards that can go up to a maximum of four times.

General guidelines for playing slot machines based on the Cleopatra theme

The only thing you need to do to play the Secrets of Cleopatra online slot is to hit the spin button and then wait for the symbols to appear on the reels. If all of the symbols that are required by the game are present: Or during that round, you spin the slot machine that awards the prize. You will receive a reward proportional to the payment rate of the symbol that was selected. And also become multiplied by one, two, or three times in the following round, and so on, until the winning run finally comes to an end. You will always be a winner if you spin. You will progress from having three reels to having four reels to having five reels as a result of the gain from the multiplier, which will result in an even greater increase in the spin profit margin. If you are intrigued, you may start playing this game right now with PGSLOT.

Concluding remarks: A Look at the Secrets of Cleopatra Slot Machine

A look at the Secrets of Cleopatra slot machine game. Give it a go in real life. is a video slot game played online with a theme based on the civilisation of ancient Egypt during the reign of a female pharaoh known as “Queen Cleopatra,” who was renowned for her bravery, intelligence, and attractive beauty.

As a result, PGSLOT has chosen Queen Cleopatra to serve as the primary focus of this game. Players that take pleasure in wagering on games that include aesthetically pleasing graphics. enjoy yourself while playing and has a high bonus prize draw rate Both of these games may be accessed through this PGSLOT website directly or through the system on your mobile phone. Playing is possible on any machine, regardless of whether it runs iOS or Android. Immediately start playing by pressing the apply button.

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