The Life and Times of Giacomo Casanova

The word “lover,” more specifically “a man who is a promiscuous and unscrupulous lover,” is how the noun “Casanova” is described in Webster’s Dictionary. It wasn’t until 1852 that the term was used in this context for the first time, although its origins may be traced all the way back to the previous century and the life of Giacomo Casanova.

The 12-volume narrative of his escapades that he titled Story of My Life has contributed to the perpetuation of the mythology surrounding Casanova, who is famous for adoring individuals of the opposite sex and then abandoning them. It has a total of 3,500 pages and offers a great deal of insight into both the author and the social conventions and norms of 18th century Europe. This book’s page count puts it in the category of lengthy works. The full text was acquired by the National Library of France in the year 2010, for the hefty price of 7 million euros.

In addition to his escapades as a womanizer, Casanova also had a lifetime love affair with gambling. This relationship lasted his whole life. In this biography, we will talk about both of these topics, in addition to presenting general information about his life.

The Women in Casanova’s Life

Casanova had a passion for ladies. In his own words, “Feeling that I was born for the sex opposite of mine, I have always loved it and done all that I could to make myself loved by it,” is how he describes his feelings for the other gender.

Casanova’s amorous conquests reached new heights, in contrast to those of the majority of his contemporaries, who would have been content with just sleeping with a lady in whatever manner they could.
He favored romantic partnerships that were dramatic in nature, in which he played the leading role of the heroic hero. These often took the shape of the following:

Casanova would make the acquaintance of a woman who was going through a tumultuous time with another guy and their relationship.
Casanova would get the lady out of her difficult situation in some way, whether it was by his wits, his knowledge, his connections, or his physical prowess.
When the issue was resolved to her satisfaction, the emotionally fragile lady would express her gratitude. In return, Casanova would charm her into his arms and start a passionate romance with her.
After the relationship had reached its natural conclusion, he would make an effort to find the lady a suitable new partner before moving on to other things.
Casanova had a passion for young females, despite the fact that he was drawn to well-educated and financially successful ladies. In point of fact, if we were to judge him by today’s criteria, we would label him a pedophile. His memoirs describe his participating in sexual acts with the nine-year-old daughter of a previous lover, as well as acquiring a Russian sex slave who was 13 years old and working for him as a prostitute.

The story of Casanova’s life

In 1725, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova was born to parents who were both well-known performers in Venetian society.
Together they are known as Zanetta Farussi and Gaetano Casanova. As the oldest of six children, he took over as head of the household when he was just eight years old when his father passed away from an infection caused by an abscess in the ear. However, this only lasted for a short time since his mother traveled quite a bit, and as a result, he was brought up by his grandma. After that, he was sent in a boarding house, and eventually, at his own initiative, he found himself living in the household of a priest called Abbe Gozzi.

Casanova spent a good portion of his adolescence at the home of the Gozzi family, and the younger sister of the priest’s older brother fondled him when he was only 11 years old, introducing him to the joys of the body. After waiting another year, he enrolled in classes at the University of Padua and worked his way up to earning a degree in law.

When Casanova was getting close to the end of his teenage years, he discovered that he had a passion for gambling. As a consequence of his growing debts, he was forced to move in with his grandmother in Venice. During this time, he started his own legal firm in addition to continuing his education to become a minister. Soon after that, he made the unofficial decision to lose his virginity to a pair of sisters, one of whom was 16 and the other of whom was 14.

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