Responsible Gambling

Our section on responsible gambling offers every player the assistance and support necessary to maintain self-control. Here you can discover global contacts and services for problem gamblers, as well as information regarding the health and financial consequences of gaming. We want to enable you to be safer and more knowledgeable online so that you may have a healthy and happy life.

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Learn the facts about slot machines, including how the house advantage may damage your bankroll and the dangers of a pastime becoming an addiction.


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Learn the indications of gambling addiction and how you may assist yourself or a loved one who may be battling.


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Looking for assistance with gambling addiction? Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most helpful websites and hotlines for problem gamblers.


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Contacts for gambling addiction in the US

Find expert assistance for gambling problems through these local contacts:



The National Council on Problem Gambling was established in 1957 and provides a variety of services and treatment options. They also give a list of state-specific options for finding assistance.



Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is a non-profit institution that provides skilled medical care to patients with a variety of life-threatening conditions. They give helpful information about gambling addiction.



Contacts for gambling addiction in Canada


RGC, which is based in Canada but offers assistance to people in other nations as well, may provide a wealth of knowledge on safer gambling and lead you to the appropriate treatment and counseling.



Contacts for gambling addiction in the UK

GamCare GamCare is the largest supplier of free information, guidance, and assistance for anyone affected by gambling hazards in the United Kingdom.



UK’s Gamblers Anonymous

1964 saw the formation of the British branch of Gamblers Anonymous, which hosts meetings to aid in the recovery of problem gamblers.

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